Feel Happy Hour at Westlake Village

March 6th, 2014

If you’d like to go to an elegant spot where you could drink first class wine and be deluxe then you need to visit Mediterraneo Westlake Villages. Apart from the free of charge corkage in Tuesdays, you may also savor the taste if their very best cuisine. Search their web page at Http://www.med-rest.com/ for more details.

This exciting dining and happy hour place is situated in between an authentic working vineyard and also a private lake where you get to enjoy a romantic European style ambiance. Several visitors and even locals are excited to go to this Mediterranean Restaurant so as to know new updates in the state and needless to say to taste their top notch beer that’s served during happy hours on Monday – Fridays from 4pm to 7pm.

What makes happy hour especially fascinating is the hype created around it, and that the price of your chosen drinks are slashed in half, if not more. According to history “happy hour” came from Navy Ships in the U.S in year 1920. It was originally a time for entertainment to entertain tenants of the ship. And in 80’s foods where also applied into happy hour to minimize alcohol consumption.

Why Do People Visit Mediterraneo Westlake Village for Happy Hour?

One of the key reasons why some patrons love to visit the Mediterraneo Westlake Village during happy hour is the beautiful environment to help take their minds of the stresses and strains associated with day to day living. Their bar is so relaxing with the blend of good music and wonderful surroundings of the light and ambiance.

Then again, this happy hour spot always have one or the other celebration that serves to be the most ideal type of amusement. The setting Mediterraneo has is great that the moments spent will appreciated eternally. Visitors can use the Vintage Room that has its own exclusive entrance circled by charming scenery of the Westlake Village Inn gardens along with a babbling stream on the outside. Know more and continue reading at http://www.med-rest.com/.

One thing is for sure, the Mediterraneo Westlake Village like a lot of other bars and restaurants don’t fall short in terms of offering specialty beverages and yummy treats throughout happy hour. with all of this clients and guests can experience the surroundings as they party and unwind at the bar and having talk with other folks which could really ease their anxiety after a busy day.

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